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About Dionysos Cellars

Dionysos Cellars, is a Greek wine wholesaling company in the UK. Our mission is to bring exceptional Greek wines to you to experience - taste - love.

In Ancient Greece, wine was key element in everyday life and all the great Greeks were philosophising over a great feast (symposium) accompanied by amazing wine.  They were praising God Dionysus for offering them this amazing drink. Wine was godsent. 

"Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man." Plato (428 BCE - 347 BCE) 


Greeks are still hold into that tradition on their everyday life, on their table every day, with company of great friends and loved ones.  

So we created the cellars of Dionysus in order for you to visit and buy some of the lovely wines Greece has to offer.

Join us in this journey of discovering the unique Greek varieties of Greek wine. 

A Feast

Wine Tasting

Do you love to try different wines? Are you enthusiastic in finding more about wines? Do you like Greek food?

At Dionysos Cellars we are very proud to present to you our wine tasting experiences. We are hosting monthly wine tasting experiences in Bristol city centre. We offer you the chance to try some of the finest wines Greece has to offer. An experience to taste different wines accompanied with Greek meze food by Hat Bistro, in order to release all the flavours the wines has to offer. Also, through a trip down to history you can find more about the Greek wine heritage.   

Additionally, we offer special occasion wine tastings upon demand and corporate wine tasting to cover your corporate events.


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