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Dry red wine - Agiorgitiko

Vintage Wine - 100% Biological


Variety composition - Agiorgitiko 100%.

This special maturing Red wine it is produced with full biological means and it is cultivated at an altitude of 317 meters.

Aging and maturing in French oak barrels for 18 months. Taste full, velvety with a long    aftertaste.

This brings us a magnificent Red wine with complex aromas, balanced acidity and gentle tannins. It is characterized by a bright red colour with fruity raspberry, bitter chocolate, sweet notes of clove and vanilla, as well as a strong aroma of spices, tobacco and nuts.

You can enjoy it right away, but it tastes more special as it can be aged in a bottle for another four to six years.

It pairs great with dishes with red sauces, oven and spit roasts, as well as spicy dry cheeses.

Served at 16-18 ° C.


Dragon Slayer

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VAT Included
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